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"Nuzhna pomosh — Europe" is а "fund of funds". We involve people in solving social problems through education and charity.

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How your money helps solve problems

  • Raising awareness about social problems in Russia

    Media project "So it goes" talks about people, challenges they face and possible solutions to make all of our lives better

    Portal pages illustration "So it goes"
  • We publish relevant books

    We believe it is important to spread messages of fairness and equal opportunity for all. That’s why our publishing house edits, translates and distributes books on important social topics.

    illustration books "Need help"
  • We assemble a directory of trusted nonprofits

    We carefully verify each organization so that all your donations reach those who really need help

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  • We provide education for charitable organizations and nonprofits

    Our educational project "Experimental way" helps organizations learn how to work more efficiently: implement best management practices and use the most effective tools

    Photo portraits of the project teachers "Experimental way"
  • Exploring Charity

    Our research project "To Be Precise" provides everyone interested with relevant data on current social problems in Russia

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  • Getting people involved

    We give everyone the opportunity to start a fundraiser for a favorite charity organization from our directory on our platform "Taking the opportunity"

    Illustration with project fee cards "Taking the opportunity"

Your donations are safe and secure

  • Monthly donations can be suspended at any time through your personal account or our support service
  • Your transfers are safe — we do not store credit card data and use encryption to protect information from third parties

We work so that anyone in a difficult situation can turn to a charitable organization for help.

None of us should be left alone with our problems. Even small monthly donations will help us carry out our work steadily. We will continue to explain and report about the work of trusted nonprofits, help them to grow professionally, study social problems and help change the attitude of government and society towards them.

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Choose donation type and amount